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Beautifully hand crafted 3D images of Sailing charts, made by local artist Katy Bell




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JULY 2019

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After a beautiful spring, this is turning out to be a very dismal summer!  There, I feel that writing down those words and getting them up on line is almost the only way to make sure this depressingly wet weather stops.


It doesn’t help of course that politics is also in the mix. . .


The only cheerful thing on my own horizon is the first of the massive display of Vicar Lambert roses at the bottom of my garden which have just started to bloom.  Earlier roses with bigger flowers have been casualties of the wind and rain.  Fingers crossed for the fragrant Vicar Lambert and the Kiftsgate, both of which are enormous and should never have been planted in my tiny garden but I love them!

My daughter Katy and her husband David have begun this campaign,

which I think is very interesting


Back Pain Costs - Mind your back


“It sounds crazy but it makes sense”


When you lie down and go to sleep at night, your breathing becomes slow and rhythmical and your muscles relax, your joints too and melatonin - the nighttime calming hormone kicks in.

You toss and turn many times during the night and you “grow” about half an inch in height, sometimes a little more - all done unconsciously - in your bed at home.


During the day, the Mind Your Back routine uses slow, rhythmical breathing, deeply relaxing your muscles, loosening your joints and serotonin - the daytime calming hormone kicks in.

You learn 10 relaxation movements, in just over 10 minutes, lying on your back and you also “grow” about half an inch - sometimes a little more - all done consciously - at home on a carpet.


If it is done quickly and you are not fully relaxed - it does not work


Take a look at some of the testimonials.

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